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József Tóth

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I work in the service industry, during this time I grew to love this atmosphere, as well as, taking care of people. My receptiveness to reform and healthy gastronomy as well as a robust social and professional network aided me to get a glimpse of the secrets behind producing fruit and vegetable juices. After tireless planning and rethinking the possibilities provided by implementing packaging-free commerce I finally found a worthy partner to start our family business.

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Tamás Tóth

My life revolves around athletic competition, which requires a deeply conscious and healthy diet. You could say each and every day is a challenge to provide my body with the proper amount of fruits, vegetables and vitamins. After much trial and error, I found cold-pressed juice to be the only viable solution. I wish it was available to more people, so in 2022  me and my father started our own family business giving more of you the chance to enjoy the numerous benefits of freshly pressed (Prässed 😊) juices.

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The collective result of father and son providing value. PRÄS was founded upon an enthusiastic spirit and ambitious goals - to manufacture freshly pressed juice made exclusively of pure, Hungarian ingredients that provide you with a happier soul, mind, and body, all the while abiding by a more socially conscious business model.


“Aspiring to lead a healthy lifestyle plays a prominent role in both of our lives. In the last couple of years we worked tirelessly to create a product that is healthy, provides true value, and is sustainable. 20 or 30 years ago fruits and vegetables used to have significantly more nutrients and vitamins. Guaranteeing these levels in plain fruit is not possible, our raw juices aim to help solve this problem.”


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