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100% vegetable and fruit content, no added sugar, preservative and additive-free, zero waste, always fresh, raw and cold-pressed. Pure fuel for life!

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The collective result of father and son providing value. PRÄS was founded upon an enthusiastic spirit and ambitious goals - to manufacture freshly pressed juice made exclusively of pure, Hungarian ingredients that provide you with a happier soul, mind, and body, all the while abiding by a more socially conscious business model.

“Aspiring to lead a healthy lifestyle plays a prominent role in both of our lives. In the last couple of years we worked tirelessly to create a product that is healthy, provides true value, and is sustainable. 20 or 30 years ago fruits and vegetables used to have significantly more nutrients and vitamins. Guaranteeing these levels in plain fruit is not possible, our raw juices aim to help solve this problem.”


Our juices are cold and raw pressed from carefully picked fruits and vegetables. Thanks to this process 100% of the vitamins and nutrients of our juices are preserved, as opposed to other products subjected to pasteurization.

Our products do not contain any sugar, preservatives, pesticides, additives, or any other chemicals.

In almost all cases, our freshly and cold pressed juices are made of domestic, pure, and natural ingredients. Fuel for life, as we like to call it.


During production we place heavy emphasis to eco-consciousness, thus it makes us extra proud to say that Präs is completely zero waste.

We do everything in our power to avoid wasting anything, therefore, any leftover vegetable and fruit pulp gets transported back to local farms where it is used to, among other things, feed animals and make compost. New fauna can thrive off the compost made using our leftover pulp.

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Our products only contain fruit and vegetables. They’re cold pressed over a long period of time. It was very important for us not to impact our environment, so our juices are stored and delivered in recycled glass jars.  Our customers can use their own containers if they so please. Nothing redundant only Präs.


We put our carefully crafted juices into 5-liter glass jars with taps that have been precooled to 4-7 degrees Celsius. The jars are stored in our fridges, from where we deliver them in insulated vans to our partners and customers.

We retrieve our jars, and after a thorough cleaning and disinfecting process they are ready to be refilled and redelivered. Fresh straight from our presses to the customers cup without any packaging.

Freshly pressed! (Prässed 😊)




Quite simple: a healthy lifestyle = a healthy community. We are only truly successful if we can honestly say that we helped. We hope to see with our own eyes that, both children and adults, live healthier, more conscious lives. We strive to help people achieve this by changing up their consumer habits.

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+36 20 320 1088

1191 Budapest Üllői Út 200.

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